Learn How to Get More Qualified, Profitable Referrals.

The #1 Bestseller!

Tim Houston's insights and reminders have always proven to be profitable!

Stephen Negron, President of LegalTech, Inc. Brooklyn, New York

What People Are Saying
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    Gregg I.

    Chiropractor and health-food store owner, New Jersey.

    "The Referral Rules! is  an excellent book that, for the beginner as well as the seasoned veteran, gives heaping helpings of great advice for generating referrals and keeping customers happy."

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    G. McFadden,Esq.

    Personal Injury Attorney, Phoenix, AZ

    "This book is free of the business jargon that destroys many well-meaning book, while still  identifying the best tactics of networking. This is not a book that sells you a magic bullet that will provide you with hundreds of referrals immediately after reading it, but instead provides you with information that you act upon."

  • Gail Stolzenburg

    At Large Director, USA Judo/Team USA

    "Another WINNER by Tim Houston, sharing his years of experience and knowledge on networking. This short book is chock full of networking tips."

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Bestselling author and referral marketing authority, Tim Houston reveals how you can use 7 time-tested, basic and proven methods to get others to generate more, higher quality and higher paying referrals for your business.

This book explains how he helped his clients to do it, and how you can too.

        The 7  Referral Rules will teach you...

  1. How to discover three types of people who can continuously refer qualified prospects to you.
  2. The one thing to do that that  will always make people choose to refer to you versus your competitors.
  3. How to uncover the potential referral gold mine that you already own!
  4. A simple way to educate others to deliver referrals to you without too much effort (on their part!)
  5. 8 step-by-step instructions on how to go back to the past to get tomorrow's referrals.
  6. The #1 reason why people stop getting referrals and how you can prevent it from happening to you!
  7. What you must do with every single referral you ever get to ensure that future referrals will keep coming your way.

About The Author, Timothy M. Houston

The super-simple bio:  He's a father, a #1 Bestselling Author,  an in-demand Speaker, high-energy and motivational Trainer  and an Entrepreneur with 20 years of making businesses & people more productive, profitable and prosperous.

The professional bio:

Tim Houston is an entrepreneur who has started, owned and/or managed four businesses during the past  20 years. Still a small business owner, his advice and authority is from continuous, daily experience  “in the trenches — not from the ivory tower."
He the author of  four  #1, international bestselling books(The World's Worst Networker, Leads to Referrals, The Referral Rules and No-Nonsense Networking and a contributor to the New York Times, and #1 Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestseller,  Masters of Sales.
Whether as an in-demand keynote speaker, a high-energy trainer or through his online programs, he has worked with business people in more than 60 countries to become more productive, profitable and prosperous.


"I like to think of myself as a guy who, after 20 years of real-life business experience, often offers unique and sometimes common-sense approaches to solving what seems like complex problems for businesspeople.

I have been very fortunate to work with people from around the world who come from all walks of life and are at different levels of success.  I love teaching them how to make their networking and referral marketing and generation efforts to be more productive, profitable and prosperous."

To learn how I may be able to help you, visit www.tmhouston.com

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